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Anadili İngilizce Veya Almanca Yatılı Oyun Ablası Veya Abisi

Kullanıcı Adı: BurcuAltay
Profil Tipi: Eleman Arayan
İl: İstanbul
İlçe: Kadıköy
Aktif/PasifPasif Profil
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Cinsiyet: Bayan
Yaş: 44
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Hi, I am a single mother living with my 7 years old son and with our cat. He is studying at a German teaching school, 1st year elementary school. We are living in İstanbul, Kadıköy, Feneryolu, 2 minutes walk away to Bağdat street. We go to nature as much as we can. We sometimes go for travels to far away villages and friends living in nature. I am looking for a native speaker of English or German who can speak both very well who: + has a pedagogical and teaching formation and interested in alternative education models, + will teach my son English and help improve his German in daily life, while playing, doing, visiting.. out in the park or forest or at home or on the road... + will have a comfortable room where s/he can live, + will be able to share house work as a house mate, + will work 15 hours a week and be free except this 15 hour (we will make a program together how this 15 hours can work best) + will earn 500 TL/month + travel with us when we travel in vacations and in other escapes (we will be responsible for his/her accommodation, sometimes in tents..), + cares for natural nutrition and avoid packaged junk food and drinks.. + will not use any technological means with my child while spending time with him, + will be at peace with us not having a television at home (cause we don't have one:) As you can see, I am actually looking for a multilingual speaking house-mate who can play and teach English and German to my kid, sharing the house with all the respect. If you are interested please send a resume to me.

Planlanan İş Başlangıç Tarihi: Hemen
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Mesleğiniz: Anne

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